• Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom

  • Master Performance Shower

    Master Performance Shower

  • Formal Dinner Party Tablescape

    Formal Dinner Party Tablescape

  • Holiday Mantel and Artwork

    Holiday Mantel and Artwork

  • Holiday Tablescape

    Holiday Tablescape

  • Festive Tree

    Festive Tree

  • Farmhouse Dinner Tablescape

    Farmhouse Dinner Tablescape

Our Services

Interior Design

Interior Design

Marilyn has proven designs that appeal to all five senses and that will maximize the value of your home’s spaces while also providing a more feature-rich home.



Marilyn and the MCM Design Management Team work closely with their clients who wish to Renew™ a room or rooms or an event for your home, office or occasion.

Event Planning

Event Planning

Marilyn and the MCM Design Management Team will weave your guests through a wonderfully layered adventure of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.

Growing Rooms

Growing Rooms

Marilyn has a specialty in the interior design of “growing rooms” – conservatories, greenhouses, solariums and sun rooms.